How to Boost Customer Satisfaction

How to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the backbone of any business. Ecommerce is a such a dynamic industry that every day new businesses sprout up. But the decision making power is always held with the buyer that is the consumer.

As per the McKinsey report 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customers feel that they are being treated. That’s the reason why understanding customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to make sure about long term success.

What is Customer Satisfaction ?

Customer Satisfaction is the term typically used as a measure of how products and services supplied by an organisation meet or exceed customer expectation.

How to boost customer satisfaction


There are various means to boost the customer satisfaction

The following are some of the ways :

  1. Measure Customer Satisfaction
  2. Improve Website Navigation
  3. Simplify the checkout process
  4. Respond to the customer’s feedback faster
  5. Deliver Customer Support on Social media.

Lets see each one of these ways in brief

  1. Measure Customer Satisfaction

    Customer Rating
    Customer Rating

Measuring customer satisfaction is extremely important at every stage. If the customer satisfaction can’t be measure then the customer satisfaction levels cannot be improved at any level.

There are so many businesses which come up with new ideas and new products and services everyday. There are new strategies laid for the launch of these products and services for delight of the customers. But one thing to all this is, Are the customers’ satisfied with these products and services?

These are the vital reasons for why measuring the customer satisfaction in your business.

  • It’s difficult to acquire new customers than to retain the existing ones.

For businesses reducing the customer acquisition cost is very important. The only solution affordable is to retain existing customers.

If the customer stays engaged with you often for your products and services, they bring more value to your business. The study shows that it costs Six times more to acquire new customers than to retain the existing one.

A satisfied customer is more likely to remain loyal to your brand. That is why, there should be efforts made to measure customer satisfaction to find ways to improve it on regular basis.

  • Customer dissatisfaction is costly for your business.

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