How Digital Marketing has taken over the World !


The world has rapidly progressed in the Digital Business in the last decade than previously.More and more businesses small and big have started relying on the Digital platforms for sourcing business.

India is the second largest country with highest numbers of Internet users. The lowest cost of data in the world is also another reason for the large number of users getting access to the digital space. The Internet penetration in India is growing at a phenomenal rate day by day.

The advent of online shops like Flipkart and Amazon have paved ways to take over the local shops and malls to cater to the Second largest populated country in the world. The buyer gets his requirements for all the goods and services fulfilled sitting comfortably at home. This has led to a revolution in itself where buyer needs no learning curve in buying his necessities online. So more and more business like automotive spares parts, groceries, medicines, doctors, services like hair salon, massage, plumber, electricians, and more are finding their ways to glory of Digital world.

The smartphones are the main reason for the increase in accessibility of Internet to such a high level that the graph has scaled steeply upwards day by day, month on month.

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